Monday, 14 January 2013

Book Spine Poetry

Came across Spine poetry on Shilpa's blog.
Spine poetry is books arranged in clusters so the spines(read book title) could be read like a sentence\poem.
Apparently, there is even a facebook page dedicated to spine poetry.

I was hooked on immediately!!
This is one of the poems I came up with using my library.

 Indira, What to expect when you are expecting?
A thousand splendid suns!! Trust me.

This is one more way to stretch your mind to boost brain power. I am sure all book lovers will love this one!
I have it in my to-do list to go to public library to make some more poems.
Coming up soon..


  1. Very interesting :)

  2. That's so cool, Divya! Liked your poetry with books! Glad that you have joined this club... the more the merrier! Looking forward to more spine poetry from you!!
    I am so hooked to it now, that yesterday, I created a few spine poetry from my sister's book collection too!

    1. Thanks Shilpa!!
      Its definitely addictive, looking forward to more from you too!