Friday, 26 October 2012

Nehru Dynasty: Past, Present and Future


I read an article recently about the Gandhi family, the other Gandhi, Indira Gandhi. The article raised a few questions.
Married to a Muslim, how did Indira get the surname Gandhi?
Who is the father of her son Sanjay Gandhi?
What is Sanjay’s real name?
Who killed Sanjay Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi?
How did Sonia Gandhi get to power?

The article bases all these questions from below references:
1. “The Nehru Dynasty” by K. N. Rao
2. “Profile and Letters” K Natwar Singh
3. “The Life of Indira Nehru Gandhi” by Katherine Frank
4. “Assassination Of Rajiv Gandhi — Unasked Questions and Unanswered Queries” by Dr. Subramanian Swamy.
5. “Persons, Passions & Politics” by Mohammad Yunus

I am curious to find out about the politics of Nehru dynasty. 
I plan to read books 3, 1 and 4; in that order.


  1. There are so many questions like these, but these pseudo gandhis do not care to answer.. In fact, none of the Nehru-Gandhi family members except Menaka were Hindus. They camouflaged their religion and cast. There are several records which show that Nehrus are Muslims and how they converted themselves to Hindus. But still people are made to believe that they are Hindus.

    In May 1991, during Rajiv Gandhi's funeral, I was surprised to see that some foolish priest put our sacred thread on confused animal Raul Gandhi and made him a Brahmin!!

    Now, in next few years or months, we'll have a Colombian bahu (claimed to be a daughter of druglord) for this family...

  2. And few more years down the line, that Colombian will rule us as a Hindu :D

  3. I have the one by Katherine Frank but haven't read it yet. Internet has a lot of information though.