Thursday, 8 November 2012

Four more years: Barack Obama

Obama is the commander-in-chief for four more years.

The whole world debated, waited and witnessed the reelection of Barack Obama as the president of the U.S. Every major news paper scrutinized the election strategies of both sides, weighed up what went wrong for Romney and, of course, his political future. Major newspapers in every country carried editorials on the subject of what four more years means to them.

On the other end of spectrum, the fashion critics analyzed what Michelle Obama and Ann Romney wore on that day. Spoof video of Mr. and Mrs. President’s Gangnam style dance went viral on the internet. Obama’s office tweeted the picture of Barack Obama embracing his wife celebrating his victory. This has become the most re-tweeted picture till date.

What interests me is that there is so much limelight on Michelle Obama as the companion. Why is it not the case in India? I don’t remember seeing Mr. Singh’s wife at all. For the sake of this write-up I goggled about her. I don’t have to make that effort for Michelle Obama or even Ann Romney. I just have to read newspaper headlines to know about them.

To run for presidential, or for that matter, any elections in the US it is very important to have that family-man image. A broken marriage or even a casual affair is enough to tarnish the image of the candidate. Talking about candidate profile with a fully functional family, this holiday photo of our ex-chief minister with actress Radhika floats in my memory. 
He has a fully functional family. 
And a fully functional second family?  
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  1. More to it ... M. Karunanidhi has 3 official wives (1 deceased and 2 alive) and 6 kids from those marriages. He is hailed as a Leader of the masses and bestowed with a title which translates as "Scholar". India is a land of double standards ..

  2. These things no longer astonish us, do they?

  3. We live in a land where monogamy is no more fancied. Obscene display of power,money and lecherousness is apparently considered the mark of a 'man'.

  4. Thanks for comments Arpitha. echoes my sentiments.

    They write:

    "But every US President is judged by his family life. Every US President brings up his family in his speech, and never fails to mention the family values they imbibed in their formative years.

    Now we have to ask, for a people who claim to be so much more ‘family-oriented,’ how many of our leaders have ever brought their family to the public fore to feel one with the people?

    How many of our leaders have thanked their wives for their success (may be they don’t want to create ripples by picking one over the other)?

    How many politicians have thanked their children for tolerating their absence?