Friday, 29 March 2013

Confessions of a love affair

My friends at office introduced me to him. I was skeptical of meeting him, but they insisted. They told me that he was charming and irresistible - a dangerous combination. I laughed at them. They smiled at each other, a know-it-all smile.

I didn't know what I was getting into. It initially was just a tea time meeting, he would come with my friends. If he joined us for lunch it would be a longer rendezvous. He was silently charming. I would return fresh and delighted after meeting him. He had me now. Soon, I found myself waiting for our lunch time meetings. I had a longing to meet him. I would blush and giggle like a small girl in his company. 

As days passed I became restless. I wanted more of him. Meeting him just at lunch time was not enough. I wanted him all for myself. I wanted his undivided attention. I talked to my friends about him. They were surprised that in-spite of being a mother, I am doing this. They asked me if I have told my husband about it. I didn't want to answer that question. They warned me that it would be difficult to hide him in this era of social media. But I didn't care.

I began spending more time alone with him. I would meet him in between work, in break time, in free time. I would think about him all the time - in meetings, at home, while sleeping and eating. Sometimes I even ignored my daughter.

Then I crossed the line. I went to bed with him. 

After this I started feeling miserable. My shoulders and back suffered, my whole body ached. I wanted to stay away from him, but it became more and more difficult to keep him away. I devised plans to avoid him. I ignored him, thrashed him and abused him. He wouldn't give up. I had decided. I had to get rid of him to maintain my sanity. 

And today I finally did it. 

I deleted him from my iPhone. I had a great affair with Candy crush saga, but I have to move on.

Until I fall in love again, with someone else.


  1. That was really hilarious read :) I had this affair with Farmville once, but was able to pull out of it. These games are so addictive :(
    But now my affair is with Blogging and I really don't want to come out of it yet.

    1. Isn't it Seena?? It really is very addictive!
      After this short love affair of mine I now will not get irritated on seeing farmville messages on facebook ... I have realised that love is blind !!