Monday, 8 April 2013

10 things to do on a rainy weekend

1. Sleep in and wake up late in the morning. Bed coffee is a great idea.
2. Take a slow hot shower.
3. Settle down near the window with a great book/music.
4. Have a warm bowl of noodle soup for lunch.
5. Rainy weather is a great sleep inducer. Be lazy and take an afternoon nap.
6. Prepare a fried spicy snack for evening coffee time - potato wedges, Indian chats or chips with spicy-tangy salsa.
7. Watch a good movie at coffee time. Enjoy the snacks and some popcorn.
8. Go for a walk/jog in rain (with or without umbrella).
9. Order home your favourite dinner (if you are still hungry).
10. Involve family/friends for a game session late into the night.

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