Friday, 22 April 2016

I was wrong about Kindle

I was wrong about Kindle.
I was wrong about not wanting to buy Kindle. Here is why:
  • Books are one-click away from reading, at any time of the day. I didn't realize it was this convenient.
  • You do not have to wait to find a bookstore or go to the library to get your favorite book. 
  • Kindle editions are much, much cheaper compared to the paper edition.
  • Love the vocabulary builder feature of Kindle. Simple tap to lookup a word in dictionary and it is stored in your vocabulary builder. 
  • Some books can be very heavy and a pain to carry around in handbag. Kindle is very light to pop it in handbag and pick anytime to read. Waiting in queues has never been so much fun.
  • It is much more ergonomic to read with my new kindle. I do not have to stress my wrist to scroll pages. All it needs is a light touch of finger to navigate. 
  • My new kindle even comes with an experiment browser that lets me check my mails and do quick google searches!! 
  • I can share my amazon account with my family and friends to share books with each other. 
  • Kindle comes with my favourite book social website - Goodreads. I can read and write reviews, share my books and find my next goodread from my kindle. 
Bonus: I got 5000 free e-books with my purchase which includes a lot of books from my to-read list and much more.

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